What can we do for you?

Design concept and
sketches development

2D drafting:

  • CAD conversion 

  • Production of full architectural drawings

  • Detailing services

3D services:

With what type of objects do we work?

Industrial buildings

Commercial buildings

Residential buildings

What software do we use?

Why should you work with us?

We have 26 university-educated architects along with team of multidisciplinary engineers

We can help you both with private country house and multi-story office building in any environmental conditions whatsoever

We recognize the scarcity of client’s resources and provide the highest quality within limited budget

We let our clients control the performance and keep them informed on the project status

We don’t undertake work if do not have enough expertise or available architects to fulfill the project

Example of performed project

3D rendering of one of the most high-end districts of Minsk with innovative architectural and planning concept

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