It is not a question for us anymore. We are a CAD/BIM designing company with extensive knowledge and many years of experience which makes us thorough in our understanding of the needs of your project. This enables us to be the perfect designing technology partner for your project.

We have embedded BIM process in our design workflow and we can already see the advantages it has brought to us.

BIM helped us to optimize our design cycle, minimized the number of clashes between different disciplines and visualized the end product both for us and our clients.

We constantly learn and improve, keeping an eye on the best practices and new technologies, arising in the world of BIM.


BIM Modeling

  • Architectural

  • Structural 

  • HVAC

  • MEP

  • Process Engineering &Piping

  • Electrical Design

  • Automation & Control


Our IT specialists can automate BIM processes for the purposes of a single project as well as design processes of a company

BIM Coordination

We write BIM Implementation Plans, conduct Clash Detection and use automation means in order to create smooth information flow and optimal design process

Family Creation

Our dedicated specialists can
create the libraries of Revit families for the purposes of projects or for product manufacturers

BIM Programming

Our IT specialists can automate BIM processes for the purposes of a single project as well as design processes of a company

Scan to BIM

Whether you want to renovate an old facility, verify the construction, or create a digital twin of your building for maintenance purposes, laser scanning can help you to reach these goals.


We can create virtual reality walkthroughs,
mini-games with training over equipment usage or behavior in emergency situations

Visualisation & Animation

We can create realistic renders of interiors and exteriors as well as animated y-bys and walk-throughs

What software do we use?

• Dlubal RFEM, IDEA Statica and LIRA for structural analysis
• DIALux for illumination analysis (electrical engineering)
• PASS software for pipes stress analysis by process engineers
• Revit, Tekla, Advanced Steel and SketchUp for the 3D modeling
• 3Ds Max, Lumion to create renders
• Unreal Engine for animation purposes
• Unity for creating mini-games for training process at any industry
• Navisworks Manage for integral model creation and clash detection during multidisciplinary coordination
• Design Review for our drawings checks
• Python and C# programming languages to automate our design and coordination processes
• Dynamo for Revit workflow automation

Key features? 

  • Using BIM technologies allows the company to meet the high requirements of the Hi-Tech Park - one of the largest IT clusters in Europe.

  • Our BIM department includes a BIM manager, programmer, as well as 2 BIM coordinators who work closely with the BIM masters selected in each department of the company.

  • To automate the design processes and increase our work efficiency, we develop scripts on Dynamo, our own plug-ins on C# and implement solutions that are available on the market. 

  • We pay special attention to the quality of our work. To check compliance with the standard and the correctness of the model and information, we use plug-ins Model Checker, Anlax, etc. Technical solutions and collisions are checked using Navisworks software.

Example of performed project

All the main structures and systems were modeled in Revit with the  LOD 400. Architectural, Structural, MEP and Process Engineering models were put together in one integral model for BIM Coordination.ess at all design stages.

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