ENECA acts as a link between Client and Façade System Supplier, looking for architectural compromise between project design requirements and technological capacities of the façade materials.

ENECA is a reliable partner and should be subcontracted due to the following advantages:

  • Execution of Façade modelling and detailing using BIM, applying Revit Autodesk software;

  • Focus on Glass, Aluminum, Architectural Precast Concrete and Composite Metal Panels façade systems;

  • Developing design based on given façade system supplier or helping to choose suitable type of facades considering the concept, budget and function of the building;

  • Consideration of social comfort that facades should bring: aesthetic, acoustic, daylight transmission;

  • Involvement of engineering departments of ENECA advising from their perspective: how to make façade design energy efficient (HVAC and Electric lighting department), safe (Structural Engineers) and eco-friendly (Environmental Department) in relation to individual project;

  • Better value without compromising the quality.


The selected high-LOD detailing