What services do we offer?

  • Structural calculation in RFEM;

  • BIM modeling of prefabricated and monolithic structures including prestressed concrete up to LOD400;

  • workshop drawings for prefab elements;

  • general arrangement drawings;

  • assembly and detailed drawings of steel elements (HQ beams, Petra, Deltabeam, etc.).

Which elements do we design?

  • Hollow core slabs;

  • columns;

  • beams;

  • stairs, landings and balconies constructions;

  • wall panels (single-layer, two- and three-layer);

  • filigree slabes;

  • monolithic structures;

  • steel elements, embedded items (HQ, Deltabeam, Petra and others).

How do we work with international partners?

  • OpenBIM (.IFC files exchange);

  • cloud services (like BOX, DOX or IBINDER);

  • BIMCOLLAB and email for issues solving;

  • Tekla Bimsight.


Some projects performed

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