Preparation of Feasibility Study and Terms of Reference for further development of the design for reconstruction/ development of sanitation system facilities (wastewater treatment) in Grodno, Oshmiany, Pinsk

Date: 2016 – present 
Location: Belarus, Grodno and Brest regions
Type of services: Development of Feasibility Study and Terms of Reference.
Project description: Reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities in Grodno. Sewage sludge disposal. 3rd phase of construction. Building sewage treatment facilities in Oshmiany. Building sewage treatment plants in Pinsk. Modernization of the sewage sludge treatment system (dehydration and subsequent processing in the production of biogas plants).

Energy efficiency and renewable energy for sustainable water management in Turkmenistan

Date: 2016 – 2018
Location: Turkmenistan, Ahal Province, Kaka District
Type of services: The main task is supporting the Project team, which includes engineers of pilot municipal investment project in the town of Kaka. Controlling the quality of the design of gravity water system, providing advice and quality control in the implementation of the water supply system. 
Project description: The project includes the installation of pipeline for urban water supply in Kaka, with replacement of non-isolated channels and wells. The project focuses on scaling-up investment in improved water management infrastructure. It is intended to achieve 2 related outcomes: 

  1. Reduction of water losses and associated energy consumption via direct investment in a large-scale infrastructure project on municipal water supply; 

  2. Technical, environmental, and financial justification to scale-up investment in canal linings and/or other widespread infrastructure improvements to reduce water losses, associated energy consumption, and land degradation.

Development of the preliminary feasibility study "Analysis of possibility for pumped storage power station (PSPS) construction"

Date: 2017 
Location: Belarus, Grodno 
Type of services: ENECA performed the following functions within its scope of work:

  • Locate the oject;

  • Calculate hydro technical parameters of the construction location;

  • Determine capacity of the Grodno PSPS in turbine and pumping models. The installed capacity in turbine mode will be 300.0 MW, while in pumping mode will be 236.9 MW;

  • Select the type of turbine that are to be installed: 6 centrifugal turdines;

  • Estimate the volume of consuction and supply of electric power;

  • Assess the cost-effectiveness of the project and estimate the capital costs of the project implementation. They will make up 534.144 million euro;

  • Map the Grodno PSPS  construction.

Project description: Development of a preliminary feasibility study to determine the technical and economic viability of the PSPS construction in the Republic of Belarus.

Consideration of several alternatives for wastewater treatment technology at the factory LLC “Praymilk”

Date: 2015 
Location: Belarus, Grodno region
Type of services: Development of Feasibility Study.
Project description: 
The project provides:        

  • Selection of the optimal technical solutions for biological wastewater treatment;

  • Evaluation of operating costs for the construction and maintenance of the complex treatment facilities in annual terms;

  • The most efficient use of funds and resources of the enterprise;

  • Development of ecology parts.

Reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities in the village of Bogdanikha, Ivanovo urban district

Date: 2013 - 2014 
Location: Russia, Ivanovo district
Type of services: Development of Feasibility Study and Terms of Reference. 
Project description: 
The project includes the reconstruction of treatment facilities with the construction of site methane tanks, biological treatment unit, unit of cogeneration equipment and the gas compressor station. Approval of design decisions and the discussion of the project in higher institutions and appraisal bodies.