Construction of a wind farm with the total capacity of 6 MW

Date: 2017
Location: Belarus, Grodno and Brest regions
Type of services: Determination of the technical feasibility of the wind turbines construction at the sites under consideration, definition of technical indicators of options for wind turbines construction, determination of economic efficiency of the wind turbines construction.
Project description: The study examines the possibility of building 2 wind power plants with a total capacity of 6 MW and assesses the operacional efficiency in the selected areas.

Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus

Date: 2016 - present 
Location: Belarus, Grodno and Brest regions
Type of services:

Organizational work:
- Creating a legal entity, holding a bidding to select an engineering company for development of pre-design and design documentation;
- Operations management of Wind Private Finance Organization, monitoring implementation of activities to create pre-investment assets;
- Preparation of reporting materials under the project.

Technical work:
- Screening of the sites for construction of Wind Power Turbine (WPT) that includes analysis of site potential, grid connection availability, roads and other necessary infrastructure;
- Selection of sites for wind farm construction;
- Ranking of the selected sites;
- Obtaining approvals, permits and technical specifications for the selected sites;
- Measuring wind potential and assessment of the obtained data.

Project description: The project provides support for the removal of barriers to practical implementation of wind power projects in the Republic of Belarus. Creation of conditions for implementation of investment projects on construction of wind farms with a total installed capacity of at least 25 MW.

Construction of a wind power plant with a capacity of 3.3 MW in the Novogrudok district

Date: 2016 - present
Location: Belarus, Grodno region
Type of services: Development of construction design. The project is being developed at one stage. Contract includes supervision of the construction.
Project description: The project includes the construction of a wind turbine with the capacity of 3.3 MW with the futher delivery of electricity to the network.

Design and supervision of the wind turbine construction in the village Grabniki, Novogrudok district

Date: 2014 - present
Location: Belarus, Grodno region
Type of services: Provision of consultancy services on the project, including preparation of the design documentation and technical specifications, asistance in tendering process, adaptation of the design documents to the selected equipment, and construction activity /supervision.
Project description: Project includes the construction of a wind power plant with the capacity of 2.5 MW.