Construction of the enterprise for household waste sorting at the intersection of Proyektiruyemaya №1 street and Proyektiruyemaya №4 street in Minsk 

Date: 2017
Location: Belarus, Minsk
Type of services: Development of architectural and detailed design. Author’s supervision on construction site.

Features, purpose and characteristics:

• Annual designed capacity is 110 000 tones of household waste;

• Capacity of sortline is 30 tones/hour;

• Employment volume is 152 people;

• Plot area is 4,06 hectare;

• Building area is 11 740 m2;

Size of a plant’s building in axes is 122,2х48m;

• Production capacity is calculated for the immediate use after delivery. It means that the first part of waste unloaded from a car should be wholly processed till arriving the following car (approximately during 15 minutes);

• Receiving of preliminary RDF fuel is foreseen as the additional product of solid household waste processing on this object. 

Construction of plants for sorting of mixed municipal solid waste in the town of Volkovysk 

Date: 2015
Location: Belarus, Grodno region

Type of services: Development of feasibility study. 

Project description: The project foreseen the following activities:

  • Analysis of SMW volumes;

  • Analysis of delivery routes from places of formation of solid waste to the sorting places using geographic information systems; 

  • Definition of performance and location of the plant for sorting SMW;

  • Definition volumes of recyclable materials and other products sorting;

  • Estimation of economic efficiency of the proposed technical solutions;

  • Identification of the most effective options for the construction of factories, recommendations.