What do we offer?

  • Basic design and Engineering

  • Detailed Design and Engineering

  • Technical Consultancy

  • Calculations

  • Modeling

  • Detailing

  • Drafting

  • BIM support

  • International Technical Assistance

In what disciplinces?

Key features? 

  • Using BIM technologies allows the company to meet the high requirements of the Hi-Tech Park - one of the largest IT clusters in Europe.

  • Our BIM department includes a BIM manager, programmer, as well as 2 BIM coordinators who work closely with the BIM masters selected in each department of the company.

  • To automate the design processes and increase our work efficiency, we develop scripts on Dynamo, our own plug-ins on C# and implement solutions that are available on the market. 

  • We pay special attention to the quality of our work. To check compliance with the standard and the correctness of the model and information, we use plug-ins Model Cheker, Anlax, etc. Technical solutions and collisions are checked using Navisworks software.