ENECA provides skilled project engineering and manangement and assists its clients through its owner's engineers. Independent third-party expertise can help you to make informed decisions regarding manufacturers and component suppliers, and to avoid cost overruns, delays and losses during the different construction stages.

How can we help you?

1. Organization and implementation of technical supervision during the facility construction;
2. Preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining a permit for construction and installation works at the construction site;
3. Consultations on the time plan development for the investment project implementation;
4. Control over the execution of work schedules approved by the client, a monthly evaluation of the progress of construction in comparison with the contract date, analysis of emerging problems, assessment of their impact on the timetable of the contract implementation;
5. Coordination and control of the activities of the investment project participants;
6. Interaction with the state construction supervision bodies;
7. Control over the fulfillment of the requirements of the design estimates, construction organization and work production plans;
8. The organization of commissioning of the completed facilities.


Technical supervision by our specialist at a construction site