What do we offer?

Fly-By Video Based on a 3D Model

observe the exterior design of a facility with an animated dronelike video

3D Walkthrough inside a building or industrial plant

check the interior of a building or industrial plant from your PC

Construction Process Video Animation

observe the construction of a building/ factory phase-by-phase

Virtual Reality inside and outside of a building using VR Goggles + Controllers

walk inside, observe, interact with equipment;

change the color of the furniture or wallpaper etc.


Technological Process Visualization

display your technology or massive equipment to clients without actually bringing them to the place

What software do we use?

Key features? 

  • fruitful cooperation between technical specialists and architects experienced in Energy, Production, Construction ad Buildings;

  • creative work to impress your clients, partners and investors and give a quick and easy presentation of your project

  • help to build up the initial model for the video

  • text inscriptions at any language 

Example of performed project

Technological Process animation for the biomass power plant in Germany (fragment)


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