The company provides a broad range of services in field of complex use and protection of water resources. ENECA uses Geo Informational Systems (GIS).

Our Competencies:

  • Mathematical models development;

  • Geoinformational technologies implementation;

  • Development of databases in the field of water monitoring and inventory;

  • Hydraulic modeling of river systems and canals;

  • Prediction of consequences of emergency situations;

  • Development of measures to prevent and eliminate harmful effects of water;

  • Development and adjustment of water protection zones;

  • Schemes development of complex use and protection of water resources, water balance;

  • Assessment and forecast of changes in river flow;

  • Hydrological calculations;

  • Development of measures to prevent water pollution;

  • Development of environmental impact assessment;

  • Feasibility study development.

Water Supply & Sanitation

ENECA is engaged worldwide in water supply projects. Our experts have great experience in CIS countries including cooperarion and coordination with Government, civil institutes and also have established partnerships with a number of design and research organizations.

Our Competencies:

  • Water purification plants;

  • Water supply networks;

  • Long-distance water pipelines;

  • Wastewater / sewage treatment plants;

  • Sewer networks;

  • Wastewater reuse.